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Real-World Virality
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Virality in 3 steps:

  1. Have a product that stands out in the mind of the user — the value prop is clear (the user story) and ramping up is speedy. This is having a unique form factor. Example: For Square, it was their hardware design that easily plugged into an iPhone/iPad to process payments. For Bird, it was leveraging electric scooters (bikes were common, scooters were eccentric and unique)
  2. Create a delightful experience that is memorable for "observers." Snapchat is another example. 24-hour stories and their ephemeral sharing format. It was so unique that people began talking about it, therefore, the virality lead to increase in adoption.
  3. Some "observers" become customers, increasing adoption, more impression/reaction + if the form factor is unique, share with others, therefore creating virality.
Light Bulb
Virality is about having a unique form factor that people remember. Think of the purple cow example — if you see a regular cow on the road, you don't care to look. If, instead, you saw a purple cow, you'd stop to look and talk about it with your friends. Your product needs to have some unique form factor that makes you so differentiated in the minds of the user.
Keshav Narula